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We Need a Drink as Bad as You Do

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A Man Salon With A Modern Twist

Located on 104 S. Gillette Ave, The Man Cave Salon offers hair cuts, beard and neck trims, shampoos, and more...  Stop in and see us soon. 



Top Talent

Our staff are friendly, knowledgable, and give great haircuts!


Modern Design

A man cave is a place where you keep all your favorite stuff and do what you want...kinda like our salon.


Hip Haircuts

Trims, waxes, and cuts you name it, we've got you covered.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure what we do? Let us help you out.


How do I find the right barber?

Visit 104 S. Gillette Ave.


Can I try this at home?

Well, maybe. But we have beer, so....


Will your services change my life?



That clipper blade near my neck looks dangerous?

Have another beer. You'll be fine.



Great Service is Our Top Priority.

Questions? Comments? Requests?

Give us a ring. We'd love to hear from you.

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